Creating Business Magic: How the Power of Magic Can Inspire, Innovate, and Revolutionize Your Business



# 1 New release in organizational change – business magic and disruptive innovation
First the magic follows, then the magic becomes reality

Mages reveal the secrets of business excellence. You may think you know what magic is. Abracadabra, hocus pocus. Forget it. Magic? Magic is what people do. Only some do it much better than others.

Nine business strategies from the world’s greatest mages. This book encompasses everything three notable authors – corporate strategists, former CIA executive directors and world-renowned magicians – have learned about magic and wraps it in a unique frame that captures the best of this art form and directly connects them to key lessons learned for a wide variety of businesses. The authors ’goal is not to create a new generation of mages, but to adapt the nine strategies of the world’s greatest mages and stimulate boundless imagination, strengthen innovation, boost leadership, and trigger success in any business. At the heart of creating business magic is the belief that imagination can make us all wizards.

Magic and disruptive innovation. Each chapter begins with a scenario depicting a pivotal historical moment of magic — from Harry Houdini through Doug Henning through Penn and Teller to David Copperfield — and uses it as a starting point to explore how magical technology can create a fertile environment for industry, disruptive innovation, and he drives the company a few years before the race. The nine breaker strategies presented by the authors show how:

Anticipate the following trends
Create remarkable new products
Launch marketing and advertising campaigns that enchant “aspirations”
Create dazzling sales presentations
Solve seemingly unsolvable business dilemmas
Inspire teams with flexible change management
If you’ve read Lee Cockerell’s Creating Magic or Manoush Zomorodi’s Bored and Brilliant, you should read Creating Business Magic.