How changing perception can help you achieve your goals faster

How changing perception can help you achieve your goals faster

I spent the summer in college training in various warfare specialties as part of a Navy ROTC scholarship.

Their technology is beyond the scope of my full understanding, but at the basic level they work: When a rocket launched from a ship approached its target, it was able to detect the scattered energy coming for that purpose, and both its orbits and momentum based on this data.

This was called painting the target, and these ships were able to do it with incredible precision.

Why am I telling you this? Because target painting is exactly what your brain needs to do, it wants to achieve a goal at any time.

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Your brain is goal-oriented. When you set a goal, you subconsciously make a number of assessments of how far that goal is (proximity), how likely it is to reach it (the size of the goal), and what effort (thrust) needs to be achieved to get there.

Creating a more positive view of goals can dramatically increase our commitment, focus, productivity, and motivation, and thus increase the speed with which they are achieved. Here’s how to start painting the target in your own life:

Strategy 1: Zoom in on the target (proximity).

Research has shown that the closer people get to a goal, the harder and faster they work. Describe all the work done and all the steps so far. If you remind yourself of past successes, your brain may notice that you are closer to your ultimate goal.

Strategy 2: Magnify the target (probability of success).

The bigger the target, the more your brain believes you will be hit. Look at your current circumstances. Are there areas where you think you could never get a run at home because the fences are visible for miles? Simply move the fences to make it seem easier.

Strategy 3: Thrust redesign (energy demand).

Achieving any goal requires a certain level of energy. The lower the mental cost, the faster you move towards success. Research has shown that changing your perception of these costs can increase your speed toward your goal by up to 35 percent.

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