How can you give yourself the grace to start again if you feel you have failed

How can you give yourself the grace to start again if you feel you have failed

1. Leave the past behind.

For some, it can be a motivating factor if you are a little angry with yourself for your failure. For others, this can have the opposite effect. Either way, it is essential that you do not miss your mistakes.

2. Take this first little step.

I knew that if I had little physical activity under my belt for several weeks, it would not be wise to do an intense workout. So I started taking just 25 minutes a day; It doesn’t tire me or it hurts so much that I can’t continue. And while restoring my form, I also develop a daily habit that will help me move on to a more intensive program in the future.

Start by trying to read a book in a month. Or start with a shorter book. Do you want to eat healthier? Instead of eating just one salad with each meal for a week, eat one salad a day or replace dessert with an apple. Do something small to get momentum in the right direction.

3. Find people to help you hold yourself accountable.

Responsibility is always important, but especially when everyone is physically away. It’s so easy to slip into areas of discipline when no one can see you. Therefore, it is helpful to communicate with someone close to you, share your struggles and goals, and support each other in developing and supporting new good habits.

I know I didn’t start working again until I told my community group something about how I wanted to do it. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, but I only got engaged when there was someone cheering me on, offering to join me, and I felt like I wasn’t alone.

4. Take it one day at a time.

It only takes one day to start a new series.  But all of this cannot happen all at once. All it takes is a commitment to make today the day that we take a step in the right direction. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, and you still don’t know what to do against tomorrow; all you can do is make decisions today.

So whatever you want to start doing, don’t get lost in your thoughts about how long it will take or how difficult it can be, just think about what it will take today.

There are strange moments and none of us know exactly what we are doing or how. So forgive yourself for the bad habits you’ve started or mistakes you’ve made adjusting to your new habits, and wait. A bright future starts today with good decisions.

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