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    MAG; GD1a; GT1b Sažetak Nerve recovery in the pripheral nervous system occurs spontaneously, while in the ihc hipertenzija nervous system regeneration is blocked by various factors.

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    We investigated how a peripheral nerve crush injury affects the myelin inhibitor of regeneration Mag and glycophospholipids GD1a and GT1b on L3-L6 section of the spinal cord.

    DSciatic crush was surgically delivered to 30 male Wistar rats.

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    A parallel sham study exposing the sciatic nerve but not inflicting damage toi the sciatic nerve was conducted. Immunohistochemistry IHC testing was performed to monitor the possible changes in the putative regeneration markers.

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    The Plantar test showed functional recovery pof the sciatic nerve by 28 days and ihc hipertenzija counting sensory nerve regeneration. In the spinal cord IHC results of MAG showed a change in staining 14 days post injury, while GD1a and GT1b showed the most dramatic changes in their spinal cord staining 7 days post injury. The Plantar test method showed sensibility for recovery after lesion of ihc hipertenzija sciatic nerve.

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